Signal Timing Issues

AB1581, which became law in 2008, requires all new or replaced traffic signals to respond to the presence of bicyclists. In addition, a requirement to develop signal timing guidance was also a part of AB1581. Both are incorporated in Policy Directive 09-06 from Caltrans.

The video clip below is of a cyclist making a left turn from a residential collector onto a six lane arterial. Although it’s a bit difficult to see in the video due to the wide angle lens, the cyclist’s position when the light turns green for traffic on the arterial is in the middle of the number two lane.  The cyclist reaches the bike lane on the other side at about 12 seconds after receiving the green.

One thought on “Signal Timing Issues

  1. Willie Hunt

    What really bad about this intersection is the auto traffic on Jamboree has a 55 MPH speed limit, but on the downhill direction is often going much faster.

    In Costa Mesa there are many intersections where I get a 3 second green, 3 second yellow and zero overlap on the red light. Some of these require crossing up to 10 lanes of traffic. I go push the pedestrain button for my safety and sanity!

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