National Trails Highway/Route 66 blocked in Calif?

Our friends, Adventure Cycling, are developing a National Trails Highway substantially along old Route 66, great!. But, they are encountering a problem in California where the route is deteriorated significantly with no real plans or funding to fix it. The adjacent freeway prohibits bicycling but seems to be just fine for our use – wide shoulder, etc., but the local Caltrans District 8 has so far said they would keep bikes off the freeway, offering an unreasonably out of the way alternative.

We have provided examples of Calf. freeways that allow bicycling access on their shoulders. We will be bringing the issue to Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee on Dec. 4th in Sacramento. Your speaking up to Caltrans and/or elected officials who might care may be useful. [Bike tourism means business.] More info has been posted on the Google Group CABOforum.

The following is from Ginny Sullivan, Director of Travel Initiatives for Adventure Cycling.

I may have mentioned some time ago that we are trying to gain legal access for cyclists to be on I-40 between Ludlow and Barstow in San Bernardino County. The District 8 staff have not been open to providing access despite the fact that the parallel roadway, the National Trails Highway/Old Rte 66 is in horrible condition, the surface pocked with holes, crevasse and a much deteriorated surface. It also flooded recently and is currently closed, when reopened the bridges will have only a 3 ton capacity. We fear future closure and then perhaps construction which will again, close the roadway.

Long story short, we will be asking for the 3rd time for Caltrans D08 to take the necessary steps to open the freeway up to cyclists. We will cite legal code and so on but they are claiming fear of liability. One way to try and overcome that is to show other places in California where cyclists are legally allowed on freeways.

We know that sections of I-5 in SB County are open to cyclists, can you name any from the district you worked in? Or other districts? I think having a few examples could really help our cause. Feel free to ask your present or past colleagues or connect me to them.

Thank you in advance.
Ginny Sullivan
Director of Travel Initiatives
t. 800 755 2453 or 406 532 2769
f. 406 721 8754
150 E Pine St, Missoula, MT 59802

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